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Auction and disposal of confiscated goods is a major source of Customs revenue.  All confiscated items (from air port, docks or town seizures) are stored in Customs Warehouse. On disposal orders being issued and if the items are retail in nature then they are sold through the Retail shop on the ground floor of the Customs house and commercial bulk items are sold through mode of open Auction.

Presently, Auction is being held once in a month and dates are published in any one national English daily and one vernacular daily. Persons interested in bidding and inspection of goods can contact Superintendent (Disposal) on all working days. The successful bidder has to deposit EMD @ 25% of bid amount at the fall of hammer. The balance is to be paid within 6days failing which EMD will be forfeited. Items brought for auction include foreign & Indian motor vehicles, bulk drugs, chemicals, machinery, computer parts, ball bearings, textiles etc., nowadays even primary gold and silver is being sold by disposal unit. The rates for gold and silver are fixed by Bombay Bullion auction market on daily basis. Anyone can purchase gold [minimum 1 kg and maximum 5 kgs] or silver [maximum 500 Kgs] on production of Income tax PAN No.. A discount of 1% to Bombay price is given. Sales Tax is extra. 

Each auction is intimated to the general public by way of giving a detailed note on the items to be auctioned and the conditions applicable for each auction. Please click on the relevant auction notice to read the complete text.          

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