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On arrival of the ship (vessel), the official of the shipping line has to approach the Preventive Officer at the Central Berth (Ambedkar Docks of Chennai Port Trust) for granting "Entry Inwards" to the vessel. Before making the application for grant of entry inwards, the person in charge of the vessel has to make payment of the Light House Dues.

The shipping line has to give a detailed report of all the goods on board in a report known as "Import General Manifest" (IGM) within 24 hours after arrival of the vessel to the proper officer. In EDI System IGM has to be filed in the computer at the EDI Service Centre. IGM can also be filed in advance, i.e. before the arrival of the vessel.

Click here to read the procedure for filing IGM in EDI

The Preventive Officer at the Central Berth will retrieve the IGM in the system at the terminal at the Central Berth by entering the IGM No., update the database by entering the arrival date, amount of Light House Dues paid, Challan No., date and grant entry inwards.

In case of advance filed IGMs, the relevant Bs/E will be automatically regularised after entry inwards is granted as and when the vessel arrives.

Amendments, if any, for the IGMs submitted in EDI can be done by way of giving a written application to the Assistant Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner in charge of Appraising Main, situated in the 2nd floor of Chennai Custom House. After the acceptance of the amendment by A.C./D.C.(Appraising Main) the document should be presented to the Data Entry Operator (DEO), IGM Amendment Section, situated on the 1st floor Annex of the Chennai Custom House.

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