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[AMENDMENT TO P.N.149/95, 87/96, 169/96, 160/98, 241/98 & 126/99]

[Issued under Clause b of section 8 of Customs Act, 1962]

                                                            * * * * * * *


Sub: Amendment in the declared “CUSTOMS AREA’ - Declaration of additional area and sheds as “CUSTOMS  AREA” at the CFS of M/s. A.S. Shipping Agencies [P] Ltd., Numbal Village, Chennai-77 – reg.


                                    * * * * * * *


By Public Notices Nos.149/95, 87/96, 169/96, 69/98, 160/98, 241/98 and 126/99, SIX sheds A to F in an area of 2,11,620 Sq. ft., and another open area of 95,832 Sq. ft. [just opposite to the CFS] have been declared as “CUSTOMS AREA” for the purpose of handling import and export cargo.


On re-measurement of the existing declared area, the actual area occupied by the said CFS found to be 2,03,990 Sq. ft. and 71,874 Sq.ft. in lieu of declared area of 2,11,620 Sq. ft. and 95,832 Sq. ft. respectively. As such, the notified “Customs Area” of the said CFS may be read as:  “SIX sheds “A” to “F” in an area of 2,03,990 Sq ft.  and an open area of 71,874 Sq. ft.”


In addition to the above, one open shed ‘G’ measuring 50’ x 14’ [700 Sq. ft.]   in the existing area of 2,03,990 Sq. ft. and an additional area of 38,760 Sq. ft. [285’ x 136’]situated in No.67, Numbal Village, Ambattur Taluk, Tiruvallur Dt. [Comprised in O.S.Nos. 79 & 87, R.S. Nos.118/2 & 125/1, as per Patta 1146, R.S. Nos. 118/2A2 & 125/7 and patta 1147, R.S. Nos. 118/2A3 & 125/6], within which one open shed ‘I’ measuring 120’ x 35’ [4200 Sq. ft.] and a covered shed ‘H’ measuring 100’ x 38’ [3800 Sq. ft.]have been declared as “CUSTOMS AREA” for handling export cargo.


Further, the custodian have extended the “F” shed by another 63’ and by this extension the measurement of “F” shed becomes 313’ x 25’ and the total area of the shed is 7825 Sq. ft. This additional area has also been declared as “CUSTOMS AREA” for storing of non-sensitive cargo meant for export.


By declaring the above, the total ‘CUSTOMS AREA’ – shed wise – in the above CFS will be as follows:


[Seven sheds ‘A’ to ‘G’ in an area of 2,03,990 Sq. ft., two sheds ‘H’ and ‘I’ in an area of 38,760 Sq. ft. nearby to the CFS and an open area of 71,874 Sq. ft. just opposite to the CFS].


SHED ‘A’         [200’ x 70’]       : 14,000 Sq. ft.

SHED ‘B’         [145’ x 48.3]     :   7,000 Sq. ft.

SHED ‘C’         [150’ x 48’]       :   7,200 Sq. ft.

SHED ‘D’         [100’ x 60’]       :   6,000 Sq. ft.

SHED ‘E’         [300’ x 60’]       : 18,000 Sq. ft.

SHED ‘F’       [Open shed]

                        [313’ x 25’]       :   7825 Sq. ft.

SHED ‘G’         [50’ x 14’]         :     700 Sq. ft.


The procedures for dealing in the Import FCL cargo and Export cargo have to be followed as laid down in Public Notice No.19/98.


This Public Notice shall come into effect from 15.01.2001.



F.No.Misc. 102/94 – Enq.,

Custom House, Chennai – 1.

Dated:    09 -01.2001.



                                                                                                                              COMMISSIONER OF CUSTOMS


// Attested //






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